Sunday, November 13, 2005

Allergic to wintertime

Not much time to update today, but I'll come with one early this week too.

Last night, I went to this for a CP article. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about attending because I had absolutely no exposure to the transgendered community prior to this. Everyone I met was extremely friendly, accomodating and very receptive to the questions I asked. Oh yeah, and Jeffrey Marsh performed (he's the impeccably dressed dude in the middle). He's the shit, seriously. Check him out.

I found that a lot of people were bringing up the same point: the more acceptance the gay/lesbian community gains, the more they tend to distance themselves from TG people. A lot of the girls I spoke to said that don't feel welcome at gay bars in the city, and people there don't even acknowledge that they exist. This might be due to fear or a lack of understanding, but the consensus I drew was that now that the gay/lesbian communities are less ostracized, many don't want to work to promote acceptance of TG people. That's why events like TG@L2 are important- they give these people a safe and fun venue to just be themselves and not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable. It's a great thing, and I have a lot of respect for the organizer. I also got pretty drunk. Good times.

I'm getting tired of rappers referencing how they get hurt by their jewelry (e.g. chain puts bruises on the back of their necks, their earlobes hurt as a result of all the ice, etc.). What a weird way to brag.

Pirates in the news. Thank God. It's been awhile.

La Salle kids: Go see A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I watched it on Friday and shit was hilarious. Even if you don't like theater, it's a great opportunity to see Collegian Philly File editor Anthony Chwastyk sing and dance, which is pretty great by itself. Even better? Gwen's totally in it, and Lou does sweet live sound effects.

My roomie Taylor insists that when I get older, I will look exactly like Argentinian futbol legend Diego Maradona. I don't really see it, honestly. Diego's been in the news lately though, throwing down on some "I heart Castro" shit. The dude seriously loves him. Strange.

Book looks like it's worth checking out.

A-Sides doing Soul Survivors as a part of this compilation. I appreciate the inclusion of Hall & Oates on there. They're definitely the biggest-selling Philly artists of all time, but they usually get no daps. Oates is creepy, though. Maybe that's why.

Bmore (home of The Wire!) needs an extreme makeover, like now. They hired a company for $500k to assess why my home city has such a negative reputation, and this is what they came up with: "The perception of Baltimore is The Wire, The Corner, Homicide: Life on the Street...a hopeless, depressed, unemployed, crack-addicted city." Good job, guys. My fucking sister could've told you that for free. One of my section's writers is doing an article about this very topic this week (from Bmore too) so I'm looking forward to that.

CHL article on the insane community meeting I went to last week.

It's Lil' Poison, the world's youngest professional video game player. Where are this kid's parents? Go play catch, eat dirt or pull some pigtails or something.

I got OKP reviews of the new Talib Kweli and the new Rob Swift (Xecutioners) coming up soon. I may or may not post some tracks up here.

You know how Alfre Woodard's character on Desperate Housewives has her retarded son locked up in the basement of her house? Yeah, dude got fired. It's a damn shame. He really flexed his acting muscle in that one scene where he tackled Alfre, or in that other scene where you saw his hand drinking a glass of water. A true thespian indeed.

Got an assignment from the PR department to write up this musician/alum. I checked his website and it sounds quite good. Here's the MySpace and a CP article by the infamous AD Amorosi, who was recently heralded by PW for saying that Neil Diamond is cooler than Mick Jagger. I agree. Turn on your heart light, Neil!


Benny said...

WTF does this mean, "allergic" to wintertime? Who are you? What planet do you call home? Why are you sending negative-energy-thoughts to scare away my proper winter? Why are you sending your stoopid parent-killing teens on police chases through my poor state today? Why do you hate me, Trapper Juan?

Drew said...

Wait, what? It's from Lil' Wayne. I do hate winter, though. Winter is the worst season.

Benny said...

Winter thinks you're the worst Drew.