Saturday, October 08, 2005

My name is Leslie Anne Levine Drew Lazor

I wish I had the time to update here a little more, but I'm busy, like Jackson Pollock busy.

Reef the Lost Cauze review up on OKP. I wrote this when I was super cracked out from being awake for like 526 hours, and I noticed that there's a bunch of careless redundancy in it. Shit. Oh well. Album is quite good though (and features some insane Emynd beats, even though he'll tell you they suck), so get at it. Also, the dude Don over there has moved on to bigger/better shit. Not like he reads this, but best of luck anyway- dude is one of the funniest music writers I've come across.

Turtles with two heads are the new turtles with one head.

Will from
Nastack always has some funny shit linked. I know record labels like to push back releases all the time, but apparently Joe Buddens' new one isn't coming out for 20 years. Shit's a shame. Jersey Joe is solid. Also check his post about Dash's The Ultimate Hustler show.

The dirty hippie in me really wants to go see My Morning Jacket at the TLA next Friday. I'm sorry, but they fucking shred. Love 'em.

Debates are definitely my least favorite aspect of academia ever. A lot of people seem to love
arguing about shit but I'm just not into it. In fact, I don't even like arguing about shit in real life. I guess I'm an extremely non-confrontational person. Granted, there have been times when I've spoken on assertions that I simply find ridiculous, but these instances are rarer than a coelacanth siting. A solid justification of my hatred for all things extemporaneous is my recent miserable failure of a debate in front of my entire Comm Ethics class. Now, Lou and I thought we were killing it, and the two girls on the other team were doing very well too. We all brought up good, well-researched points and the debate lasted even longer than it was supposed to go.

That's why I was shocked when our teacher pulled us all aside at the end and told us to remind him to "never trust you again when you say you're prepared." Apparently, neither side had adequately or accurately addressed the larger issue of "ethics" within our topic (privacy vs. the right to know). Whoops. I really like this teacher a lot- he's an extremely insightful and funny dude, and our class discussions are usually pretty lively. But to be honest, the entire concept of "ethics" fucking eludes me. Shit's so vague and its precepts are so whatever the antonym of "codified" is confusing that it's hard to really take a "stand" based entirely on ethical ideals. Guess I should've hollered at
Aristotle a little more before the debate. Oh yeah, if you're ever stuck doing this bullshit for class (or if you just like arguing I don't like you), hit up this site.

Denise is not happy about this. I don't see what the big deal is- dude is just trying to get his, you know? Some excerpts with realistic translations:

Allen said his interest was sparked as a young man when he studied sexism in the health-care industry and got caught up in "the 1970s second-wave feminist movement."

Translation: Allen has been trying to get it since the 1970s.

He has a history of defying gender stereotypes: He headed the predominantly female faculty in the department of Psychosocial and Community Health in the UW School of Nursing. Earlier in his career, he worked as a nurse.

Translation: Allen looked to the predominantly female nursing profession to try and threw it in droths of hot bitches in scrubs.

"What I experienced in that role was largely male privilege, like getting deferred to when I shouldn't have," he said. "I didn't get the same level of grief about things as my female colleagues did."

Translation: Allen got it a lot back then.

He added that his father, an insurance salesman, thought it an "outrageously bad idea" that he become a nurse. "He thought if you are a man and nursing, you must be gay," said Allen, who is married with two children.

Translation: Allen's dad is hilarious and thinks Meet the Parents is just as funny. His wife suspects that he's throwing it in all the Women's Studies grad students and his children are constantly picked on by jocks.

I recently came up with the idea for an "overheard" column in The Collegian that Lou cleverly titled "Out of Context" (no sarcasm). This kid Sam (who is a dope writer) collects bizarre overheard items from people and muses on their possible and probable meanings. Example:

Overheard bit: "Sometimes it seems like my parents want me to be a drug addict."
Possible Rationale: Grandchild of Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar attending La Salle on soccer scholarship, musing about life with cane-slinging Pop-Pop.
Probable Rationale: Way too many Flintstones vitamins.

I would love for "Out of Context" to be dirty and lurid and disturbing, but sadly our paper is censored by the school. Ahh, eff the man.


Benny said...

Honey, you need to indulge in the inner dirty hippie. MMJ shreds with the best.

GonzoMC said...

I actually put on The Decemberists "Leslie Anne Levine" while reading this entry, which made for a pleasantly contextualized experience, regardless of your antipathy toward context.

Also, I am not a turkey. I will outpost you all this week. Go!

PatrickH said...

Yeah, that whole ethics thing is crap.