Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I say my name a lot, but I bring pain a lot

OKP review of the new Cunnilynguists record. I would be lying if I said I thought this shit was going to be any good, but it actually was. What's up, Kentucky?

I realized that the Tony Jaa video I linked the other day was really shitty, so I went and found some quality. Go here for a snippet of the crazy chase scene (the end's the best) and the bizarre French rap video; go here for other good shit.

I know it's Wednesday already, but this weekend I made my way over to my dude Il Shim's house in West Philly to see
his band and several others play. It was a great time, but I was exposed to something really bizarre a "noise" band. I guess I'm stupid, but I had no idea what a noise band is, despite hearing the term a few times. I'm not sure where the particular band I saw falls in terms of categorization, but I will say that they were noisy. As fuck. Singer dude (who looked a bit like Stephen Wright) yelled incoherent shit into a distorted mic while his partner literally played a skipping record over and over again. The weirdest thing about it was that all these hip-type kids were dancing, head-nodding, and seemed to really be feeling it. If I can draw one conclusion from my experience, it would probably be that a "noise" show is the only place where you could spot more than one person dressed like this dude. Matt kept trying to coax this chick wearing a similar hat to pose for a picture, and she kept rudely refusing. The Chimeras were great though. Look out for them.

Collegian sports editor/ubiquitous La Salle personality Krazy Mike is doing some big things, namely being published on the official Yankees website. Get 'em, man.

This had to be filmed over an extremely long period of time, but it's freaking amazing. On second thought, I have trouble believing it's real. Still watch it though.

new Mike Jones video is probably the most self-referential piece of work I've seen in years. Shit starts off typically, with Mike rapping next to some thick ethnic broads and nice cars. Also, a jawn dressed like a French maid brings out a tray with a bunch of his jewelry on it. Then, suddenly, he and his crew (and Slim Thug) take seats in his fully-furnished home theater (complete with a working marquee that reads "Dr. Teeth presents Flossin") and a watch a movie that consists of footage from earlier in the video. So postmodern! Needless to say, this shit makes Adaptation look contrived and self-indulgent. If only Spike and Mike could squash their deep-seeded same-name beef and work together on some brother from another mother shit...

A slightly strange
Village Voice blog post (complete with ridiculous comments) on the Cam shooting. Can't say that I can tell whether or not the writer is being sincere; it's clear that he's a Dip Set fan ("one of the greatest rappers in the world came very close to dying"), but I can't really place what he's saying about this whole debacle. Ahh, maybe it's because he's not really saying much of anything. Peep the conclusion:

What does it say about rap's rampant conspicuous consumption that one of the best rappers in the game came close to dying rather than relinquishing his car? And would it have said anything different if Cam had actually been murdered? They're important questions, but they're questions for another time. Right now, Cam is OK, back in New York. We haven't lost him, and we should breathe a sigh of relief.

How convenient. I can't really tell if the guy is trying to dickride Cam really hard or if he's just attempting to attach some philosophical significance to him getting shot up in DC like it's never happened to anyone before. I don't know, his language is just weird ("What did they think when they saw that gorgeous blue spaceship cruising down a street that late at night, looking like an apparition?") I do agree 100 percent with his assertion that driving in D.C. is like trying to navigate a labyrinth, though. Shit is so confusing.

My slight tendency towards e-narcissism often turns up weird mentions of myself on websites. For example, awhile back I talked to this kid briefly about possibly becoming involved with CAOS, the commuter and off-campus student organization at school. I told him to call me with more information about when meetings would be held and everything. He never did, so I figured they found someone else for the job. I guess not, as I am currently the
off-campus student liaison. It's the easiest position of power I've ever held, really. So easy that I didn't even know I had it. Weird. Still not as bad as that guy who plagarized my already-shitty review, though.

Read up on the generally irrelevant Bossman/Mullyman beef
here. Despite being from Maryland, I don't know too much Baltimore hip-hop, mostly because there's very little to begin with. All I know is I heard some Mullyman shit on the radio the other day and it was pretty serious. I still can't really deal with the fact that the two biggest dudes in Bmore both have -man suffixes. I'm expecting Aquaman to jump into the cipher sometime soon. I hear he's from Essex.

When I was in Maryland on Sunday, I stayed over at my dude Justin's house and he asked me to help him edit a take-home ethics exam. I said no problem, and began working on his shit from his laptop. Out of nowhere, the shit short circuits and the computer shuts down, and despite my best efforts I could not make it turn back on. I decided not to flip out, because if I did that, I'd be no better than the machine. I went to his other computer and opened the unedited version of the exam from Justin's e-mail and started all over again. I soon realized that the laptop document had about three more pages of text than the version I was currently working on. This was when I kinda started freaking out. Justin was passed the fuck out on the couch, exhausted from an Adderall-driven 36-hour consciousness fest, so there was no way he was getting up. Turned out that Justin just had to bring his laptop to the IT department of his school the next morning, and the techie there pulled some Nintendo cartridge shit by pulling out the battery and blowing on it, making the whole thing work again. Fuck! Stupid computers.

After some intense Internet scrutiny, it's been determined that
Gerard's dog is most likely a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Don't worry, I don't know what the shit that is either. Just check the 2004 bitch of the year for good measure.

Being a big Google image search fan, I found
this game to be amazing. Some of them are really hard though.

Past life analysis is a lot of fun. According to this site, I lived in Scotland during the 1400's, and worked as a banker, usurer, moneylender or judge. I also had a natural talent for psychology and was regarded as "cold-blooded" in my relations with others. I'm thinking I was pretty fucking cool in my last life.


kibby said...

HAHAHA. Eeeeew. you went to a west philly house show. That sucks. However, did a band called ManMan play by any chance? The reason that I ask is because the dude in the Russian hat is in that band. We all affectionately call him "mullet/moustache" (not to his face) for obvious reasons. Brooke and him hooked up once (twice?).As ridiculous as he looks, he actually is a pretty nice dude. And his band's practice space is in the same warehouse that Ryan lives in.... I have many strange connections to mullet/moustache and now I have one more.

Drew said...

That's mullet/moustache?! No way! I've heard quite a few stories about him from you...and no, ManMan did not play, but we all guessed that mullet/moustache was a member of the band "Beast Slayer of the Northern Lights" that was listed on the bill. Guess I was wrong...fuck.

Lou said...

That video is awesome. That's all.

GonzoMC said...

I'm just surprised that skateboarders know what a basketball is.

Also, I was apparently a female in Central India around the year 1275. I was a writer though, and my primary responsibility in this life is to make the world more beautiful.

Also also, I might poach some of these links, so don't fret if they pop up in my blog or aim. I will give you due credit for being the champion of time-wasting.