Monday, October 31, 2005

H, A, double L O...

Guess what RDA is being
for Halloween? That's right,

Breakestra review at OKP. Album was good, but my review was not. How the fuck did I not notice using some form of the word "music" in each of the first three sentences? Fuck! It might be that I'm being a bit too critical of myself, but I just try to make the shit read as smoothly as possible; for some reason, my editor over there is "unable" to make changes to reviews once the shit is posted, so if I slip up it's pretty much set. Damn.

Genius. Pure, unadulterated genius. Thanks to Paul, who sent me a link that read "The Shining- a Cameron Crowe film."

Nastack with some touching Paul Wall wedding pictures. Since it's nighttime the Champ's mouth is closed in these shots, there is no illumination of the dark, resulting in poor lighting quality. No word on whether or not his valet parking was a star-studded event. Pauly even had a good write-up in the latest XXL, too. I wonder if his wedding song was "The Invasion of the Flat Bootie Bitches" by Too $hort or something. While you're at it, read this post with some good hip-hop rumors (from a spam blog, no less).

Ahh, SEPTA strike. I drove Michelle up to Jamrock Fern Rock today to access the regional rail, as it is the only way she can get to work downtown until SEPTA dudes get healthy health benefits. I've always been "for" worker's right and all, but I guess the situation is completely different when it actually affects you, as opposed to reading about a coal mine strike back in the day or something. I'm going to have to stick n' clutch it down to Old City until it clears up, which is fine- it'll just cost me more. I was listening to the radio when I was driving and a SEPTA employee called in to a morning show to plead her case. Unfortunately, the best shit she could come up with was that SEPTA workers get "coughed on a lot" while working. Way to, uh, not represent. Great piece on the strike from this guy.

French people are probably freaking out right now because of this. Gerry D is in so many damn French movies, I think their entire cinema industry is going to take a dip just due to sheer volume loss. Who's going to be the next Depardieu, anyway? Gimp from Amelie?

Gory pics of Kibby, Brooke and Jenelle mysteriously appear on this Monster Mash-Up flier. They don't even know who made it, either. Weird!

Registered for classes earlier today. I only have one required course left (mass media writing seminar) so I essentially picked three others out of a hat: Web Design, Intro to Forensic Science and Intro to American Studies. Yawp!

I'm slightly obsessed with TV theme songs, so imagine my joy when I saw this.

This weekend, DOT played the dirty "emo" house and it was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed their Pixies and Weezer covers because I was drunk because I...okay, so because I was drunk. Just kidding. Good show, fellas. They were all dressed like greasers too.

"Pictures I Like for a Variety of Reasons."

Catchdubs with this Kanye Music Geek glossary shit. Hot. I know I could find out this stuff from randomly searching online, but then I wouldn't be provided with a direct link to buy Jared Leto's new album (so homo).

G Dub douchin' it up, as per usual. Come on, come at something as clever and insightful as The Onion but don't even speak on Will Parnell's contrived, unfunny impressions of you on SNL? They use the presidential seal on those faux State of the Union skits all day. Get your criticize game right. I like how the White House spokesman mentions that they notify the Chief every time shit is used "inappropriately." Don't know about you, but I find this entirely appropriate. And this.

Ninjas in Sioux Falls! I'm moving there.

Just for good measure, check this picture of Emynd spinning bent as hell. Good shit; sorry I couldn't make it, but I'll be out ironically pretending to like Mary J. mash-up joints sometime soon.


Mac said...

The strike sucks ass, but I'm still with the union on this one. I'd be pissed too if I hadn't gotten a raise in two or three years and then management wanted me to pay 20% more for 20% less health benefits, take away materinity leave and sick days, and still not give me a raise. All while management continued to get raises and didn't take hits to their health benefits.

emynd said...

What he said... plus the coughing!


You definitely missed an outrageously fun party. Michelle would've been intimidated by all the dancing though. There was a moshpit for "Stay Fly" that basically annihilated anything I've ever experienced. Most fun ever? Likely.

Must fun ever while getting paaaaaaaaid? Definitely.


PS. wvevpsep

Drew said...


Thanks for the comment. I guess coming from MD (where the unions are nowhere near as influential as up here) I just wasn't exposed to a strike developing from a mere threat to a tangible protest. I side with the workers, too, it's just going to take me a minute to get used to a SEPTA-less existence.


Damn, looked like a good time. Last night, I had the most surreal Halloween experience ever (definitely was less fun that what your shit looked like, though)...Michelle, me and three other (non-costumed) friends went out to the bar just to get some drinks and check the Ravens game, and there were maybe seven other people chilling there too. Three minutes later (literally) the small table we were sitting at was COMPLETELY engulfed on all sides by costumed revelers doing the YMCA. All these chicks dressed like sumo wrestlers kept stealing my seat every time I went up for another round, and this contingent of Persian girls dressed like "sexy cops" kept trying to arrest my one friend too. I felt like I was in an Araki movie or something.