Friday, October 21, 2005

Drew Lazor caught the L Train Express to Louisville

That guy that hates me wrote the preceding statement on the OKP messageboard. I'm not really sure if that is supposed to be insulting, or if it's just simple exposition. Either way, I'm finally back from Louisville with an update. Sorry, guys.

First off, I'd like to shout out my buddy Graham for creating the amazing Trapper Juan picture on your right (if you're using Firefox...if not, it's probably all the way at the bottom). Graham's always been crazy good with Photoshop and the like, but he recently took a class on the shit and now has the ability to tamper with the fabric of time (i.e. digitally place me into
Dune as if I've always lived on the spice planet Arrakis). Before, his art was mostly comprised of collages of Trey Anastasio and shit; it's nice to know he's finally using his talents for good instead of evil. Much love.

This dude called Chris Chase (who is randomly friends with my boss) has a
funny sports blog you should read. His most recent claim to fame is his petition to bring back Jake Plummer's moustache. He started shit as a joke, but it spread thanks to a link look from Bill Simmons' intern. The thing has thousands of signatures, he's been doing interviews with Denver radio stations and stuff and apparently it's gotten all the way to Mike Shanahan. Excellent.

I got a
Cunnilynguists (best name ever) review coming sometime today, maybe. Check back for link if you want to read it if you're depressed at home and have nothing better to do than peruse my shit.

If you know what's good for you, you will visit
RR and download that Bun B/Big Boi joint. It's gross.

The dude over at
Nastack with a painfully true "You Know You're a B-List Rapper When..." post. I would have to second all those assertions, even though I'm a casual careful fan of Jin, er, the Emcee, sorry. Allhiphop had him on tap earlier this week (parts one and two). No hate to other Asian rappers Cool Calm Pete, but I feel like Jin's the representative dude lately. His debut record sucked (can't lie), but he's been doing his battle thing (which I know is generally insignificant, but aren't you glad he's taking care of his?). I'd like the guy to come out with something that doesn't blow donkey and break the just-battle mold. I'm just trying to be optimistic.

Bol linked this cleverly titled piece on Juelz's computer problems. Guess there's no Geek Squad in Santana's Town.

I've finally started to read
Free Darko (E's favorite shit) and I'm glad I did. Dudes are hilarious geniuses and all that- read this NBA dress code post (they've followed it up with several others since then that are also great). Makes me look forward to NBA/college seasons starting up.

Lou updates like a madman. Check his insights on City Paper EIC Duane's latest book, and his completely irrational desire to become an ultimate fighter. We are both fans of watching UFC shit on TV, and Lou is always telling me how he's going to start training for it. I always voice my concerns with this, mainly due to the fact that there is a 157% chance of Lou suffering a slow, painful death by Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in the octagon if he ever even tried. Just being realistic, man. Don't want you to die, that's all.

I'm beginning to think I have a latently damning effect on all my editors. First Don bails OKP, and now former EIC Jim S. has said "eff it all" to the
Chestnut Hill Local. I'm not really sure why he left; I've heard a few things about some conflicts with the community association or something, but I really don't know. I tried to link up the editorial he wrote regarding his resignation, but the Local website is currently disabled (no doubt because of this craziness). Either way, going to miss working for him, as he was one of the most professional and respectable guys I've met through the local papers. Is this just a weird coincidence, or am I cursed? Is Collegian EIC Nicole Woods about to take an indefinite leave of absence from our plucky college paper? Is the entire editorial staff of City Paper fixing to riot in Old City? Shit. I'm worried. And I'm sorry for being such a bad writer that my shlockiness contributes to an increase in the unemployment rate.

Michelle downloaded
StumbleUpon for me as per the suggestion of my dude Jesse. The thing's crazy; I'm not exactly sure how it works just yet, but you log in a bunch of your interests and a modest toolbar appears on your browser. Click the "Stumble!" button and it randomly brings you to pages based on what you like. Being the creepy loser that I am, I selected "cats" as one of my interests, and was immediately taken here. Yes! The interesting part is that you can rate pages you like and they're added to the Stumble cache, and people with the same interests as you can be directed to your favorite shit. Jesse must've been feeling benevolent the other night, because he added Trapper Juan to the "list." Holler. A few choice sites I came across thanks to this:

- Hand-written date/time site. (simple, but dope)

- The Modern's Library's "100 Best" lists. (should I be concerned that three of the top 10 reader picks are by L. Ron Hubbard, and that he outweighs people like Joyce, Fitzgerald and Vonnegut? Weird...)

- True facts. (Did you know that seven percent of Americans claim they never bathe at all? Four percent of this figure constitutes my roommate Drew)

- A disturbing (but still amazing) explanation of how to construct a matchstick plane powered by houseflies. (warning: this webpage contains references to cryogenics. Liberal bias, I say!)

Thanks for Dann Bernardo for this shocking amazing Craigslist post (be sure to read all the way to the bottom). It's dudes like this who ruin it for all us "nice guys" out there I look to for guidance.

Haven't tried this yet, but apparently the
Face Transformer wastes more time than Addicting Games and Gorillamask combined.

I'll be in Maryland from Sunday to Tuesday, I believe. Scream at me. Please? I'll definitely be down for catching up, but unfortunately I still have a bunch of work to do over this fall "break." S'all good.

Oh, what the hell do I know? Read
Feeding Frenzy and laugh. Not at me, but near me. Or, at me.


kibby said...

drew! i'm glad to see you've updated, but i'm dissaspointed that dan has apparently deleted his craigslist post. Knowing dan, i can only imagine how creepy and awesome it was. Also, are you going to the blue horseshoe tonite? you should.

PatrickH said...

I think that whether Feeding Frenzy comes before What's Cooking or not on the website is Ashlea's way of secretly evaluating us as interns.

You win this round.