Thursday, October 13, 2005

Damn dog, you where I am

In The Shawshank Redemption,
Barry Melrose's hair served as a
stand-in for
Bob Gunton

I really just made this post so I could use that picture. Shit's choice.

Here's that
Dangerdoom piece. I gave the record four out of a possible five 'fros, but when it posted an additional halfro magically appeared. I wonder if that has anything to do with them being a new Okayartist I think it's because they're a new Okayartist. Yes yes. Liking the album a lot, aside from the Cartoon Network shit.

Trapper Juan on the
Anticon site.

Sometimes, I
Google "Trapper Juan" to see if anyone is talking shit on me. No one ever is (because no one really cares about TJ) but I always comes across this BlogShares thing. I didn't really understand the explanation, but it's apparently a fictional online blog "stock market" or some shit. This blog here is currently worth $2,840.11. I'm not sure if that's good or not that's not very good, considering that a blog like Razorblade Runner is worth $42,145.98.

This is one of the best things I've seen in months. Got love for Paperboy.

I always see ads for
HeadOn. The fuck? There's no way that works. I don't see how it's any different from rubbing a damn gluestick on your face.

City Paper
articles on the "Everest" exhibit at Space1026 and the third annual Philadelphia Pherret Phestival (?!). I tried sneaking a Young Jeezy reference into the first piece, but it was woefully Anglicized during the editing process. I'm way too street for these cats I grew up in Bel Air, Maryland, a quasi-rural suburb of Baltimore.

Even though I posted this yesterday, but I think everyone in the world should read
this. It will make your life, no shit.

Some dude uses shady Javascript code on
MySpace, unwittingly gets a million friends in under five hours. I can understand the appeal of this, since 900,000 of them were probably Asian.

It's stories like
this that make me want to join PETA. Just kidding.

I recently realized that I know a good amount of
drummers. There's my roommate Taylor, who drums for the shitty These Arms Are Snakes rip-off band that practices in my basement Daggers of Throwing, my dude Il Shim from The Chimeras and I'm accquainted with Patrick from The A-Sides. Good stuff. Percussion is beautiful, fellas. Keep drumming, I guess?


kibby said...

that guy that drug the colt behind his truck is fucking asshole. I want him to fucking die. that made me cry at my desk. I'm such a pussy!

Drew said...

I didn't mean to make you cry, Kibby. I'll stop dragging colts behind my car from this day forth.

Anonymous said...

...and you know Jelone. His percussion skillz make 14-year old girls moist in all of the right places.

Drew said...

I'm more into calling you "Joe" than Jelone. I'm just not really that interested in name-combining, although I'm all for the right to choose (whether or not to name-combine) though. And I didn't know you played the drums. Good show.