Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cry about it

Today, I was sick. I felt like crap and I couldn't even make it down to City Paper. Eghh.


I'm consistently amazed by the measures people take on the Internet. For example, the loser who didn't like my Pumpkinhead review e-stalked me on MySpace and posted links to pictures of my sister and my girlfriend on the
messageboard. Now, I'm not trying to champion privacy here or anything since I put these photos online, and they're pretty much out there for public consumption. It's just pathetic and sad that someone cares enough about me jokingly calling Marco Polo an asshole that he takes time out of his day to look me up and pitifully attempt to throw some e-vitriol my way. The best shit he could come up with was "maybe Marco hit on his girl Michelle," an "insult" that's so sophomoric I think Donkeylips would probably scoff at it. Reminds me of the movie Enduring Love.

Also, I just noticed that
OKP took the review down. Was it really that big of a deal? Yeesh. Just for good measure, go to Marco's site and ask him if he knows who I am/is angry that I don't really care for his beats. I'm pretty sure he doesn't/doesn't give a fuck. I don't plan on speaking on this again; I just thought it'd be appropriate to point out that there are some real lame people out there.

I'm definitely a crazy cat lady. See
this as evidence. Had to give Riley dude a flea bath when he returned from his Odyssey.

New Word Order and read Lou's informative post about the Lu Banglie saga. Story is fucked up and really pisses me off. In happier Chinese news, your boy Yao Ming laced the Sixers the other night.

I'm convinced that
Ong-Bak is the sickest kung fu flick I've seen in ages. I've wanted to watch it for a long time but didn't get the chance to catch it theaters; I finally rented the DVD tonight. I was shocked by how insane and inventive the fight choreography was. I've watched a shit-ton of kung fu/martial arts movies, but they really tried to do something different here. People have been calling Tony Jaa (video) the next Bruce Lee and shit (check the part in this interview where he says he likes to walk to the bathroom on his hands). I don't really know about that, but it's obvious that the guy is a freak of nature. He does all his stuff with no strings or wires, which is the accepted approach in Asia anyway for some reason.

The best part about the fight shit in
Ong-Bak was that they replayed every devastingly ridiculous move two or three times in rapid succession. I found this to be a great directorial choice, mostly because that's what you watch kung fu movies for in the first place. Not to toss salt at ostensibly "kung fu" flicks with actual plots (shoutout to Zhang Yimou), but I'm really just looking for the jaw-dropping stuff. Also, the DVD features a French rap video featuring Tony, which I tried to find online but couldn't. Shit was terrible great.

From a minute ago, but I'm loving that
Jeezy's Snowman tees are causing such hype. Shit's hilarious. The dude is a marketing genius. I love how the Israeli dude is like "I never saw the street react so strongly...and then they told me the snowman is actually the guy delivering 'snow' on the street." Ha! Jeezy had to tell him that? I thought he was from Camden.

I know that people throughout the city are really wondering about the revitalization of the 8100 block of Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill. It's a new story hotter than
Sigel's stepdad right now. That being the case, check this hard-hitting and incisive profile. Man I'm a douchebag. This article touches on the same controversy and is far more interesting.

Catchdubs linked this extensive oral history of The Warriors. Funny shit.

My boss e-introduced me to this dude named
Kon who is apparently an Internet legend nowadays. His ridiculous face/popped collar shenanigans have spawned thousands of shamelessly Photoshopped joke pictures (I know that board's full of hippies, but just use discretion and you'll be fine). He was also telling me that there used to be an online photo album of his pimped-out night at the Olive Garden, but it got taken down. Shit! Anyway, my favorites here, here and here.

Jesse showed me
Digg, a news site that "employs non-hierarchical editorial control." I'm not smart enough basically, users can vote for which stories they'd like to see posted on the front page. Interesting stuff on there.

My buddy Gerard came through the other night a little drunk from the bar and, for some reason, gave me the
Bossman Bossman's Law & Order. Gerard (who mostly likes Radiohead and Raffi and shit) said he wasn't sure what he was doing with a grimy, underground Baltimore rap album in his car; honestly, I didn't know either, but it ain't bad at all. Think it came out about a year ago or something.

I'm supposed to have that
Dangerdoom review on OKP sometime today-ish. I'll come back and link it when it's up. They're a new Okayartist too. Scream at 'em. I didn't really like this album at first, but the more I listened to it the more I could appreciate what it was about. Their stuff is quirky, funny and entertaining and sorta bangs on occasion, as much as a Danger Mouse beat can bang (not that dude sucks at all; on the contrary, he's nice, he's just more akin to making the "thinky" beats). Still think Adult Swim is stupid shit though. Its fans are the most intolerant in the world. They can't believe I don't find ATHF or whatever funny. I'm kicking myself for not including them in a Collegian article I did awhile back about intolerant fans; I covered Phish "phans," LOTR dorks, Yankees bastards and OC heads but left them out on accident.

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