Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sweep the leg

Inexplicably, Cobra Kai has been coming up a lot
lately in casual conversation. Put him in a bodybag

I find that one of the most charming things about parents is their penchant to do completely unexpected things. For example, when I was at home this weekend, it was revealed that both my mom and dad have become huge fans of the series
Monk and have gone so far as to purchase three DVD box sets of it. Neither of them have ever mentioned any affinity towards Monk before; in fact, my dad usually hates most TV shows (with the exception of American Idol and shit about the Red Sox) and my mom isn't too big of a TV junkie either. I've personally watched Monk once or twice and I thought it was pretty funny, but I never dreamed it'd become a favorite of my dad, who loves stuff like the Christian Science Monitor and making sandwiches to eat on roadtrips. Not that these interests directly oppose Monk likeage, but you know what I mean. He lent me the pilot episode on DVD, and until I watch it, Antonio Scarpacci's new home is shoved snugly between Masters of the Flying Guillotine and Old School. I alphabetize things. I'm an organized person.

I also learned how to drive stick this weekend. It started out pretty rough at first (lots of stalling in first gear) but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I drove all the way from Maryland to Philly and only stalled out at the Wayne intersection with the Mom n' Pop Cold Beer which is about two minutes from the crib. Stick is tons of fun, I must say. I was always very apprehensive about learning because it seemed kinda complicated, but now that I get the jist of it, it's quite a blast. Except when I don't drop the clutch in all the way by mistake and it makes a weird sound (which, mind you, has only happened
once not that many times since I got the car). I'll bet that's not good for your transmission.

I got some dope new sneakers the other day. I was originally looking for some of
these to go with my this, but they were out of stock. If you know anyone that wrestles, please don't mention this to them. They will most likely put me in the devastingly illegal full nelson maneuver until I tap out and tell them that I find cauliflower ear attractive.

My man Adam in Chicago just started up a
blog. Looks good, Adam. Go read his Katrina commentary and check this moderate blog he linked. Also try convincing him to break up his writing into smaller paragraphs. I wear contacts and it hurts my eyes, man.

I'm incredibly intrigued by Internet riddles, especially this one. I can't say that I really understand the concept of an Internet riddle, but it's fun to try and figure it out. I don't have much of an attention span and I zoned out after level four. Tell me if you get buried deep in it and your life starts seeming like
The Game. I will probably not believe your fanatical ravings and leave you to be chased by mafia dudes or something, which is really just a device to later reveal that Sean Penn might just be messing with you.

Common is racist? Dammit! I'm going to go pawn my copy of Be and buy raw materials to knit a tolerance kufi for him.

Since I've been making a concerted effort to read more lately, I purchased some of these "book" things at the fabled "bookstore" earlier this week. They've all come highly recommended and it seems to me that I maybe shouldn't be telling people I've never read them: A Heartbreaking Work... by Dave Eggers, The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien and Ken Kesey's Once Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Still haven't cracked open the Chuck's Killing Yourself To Live, but I will soon.

here to find out the number one US and UK chart hits from the day you were born. I lucked out and got "Karma Chameleon" and "Relax" as my two songs. Beautiful. My discovery ultimately led me to download several 80's pop standards "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips, which pleases me proper.

I did a press tonight about recent graduate who wrote a social sciences paper on the motivations behind fan websites. Interesting stuff. If I were to write a social sciences paper, I'd probably do it about how MacGyver is the best television role model of all time. Of course, those damn com professors will probably attach all sorts of vacuous buzzwords like "parasocial identification" to my thesis. I don't know what parasocial identification is. Season three just came out on DVD, so parasocially identify your piggy bank, smash it and cop discs.

I usually love reading the Onion AV Club's music reviews (pomposity notwithstanding), but I'm going to have to disagree with this guy's latest piece(s). He jazzes off all over Blood of Abraham's Eyedollartree (really, really sucked) and J-Live's new record (heard it kinda sucked). I don't know, it just seems like this guy is trying to up his archival stock by writing all these positive reviews of stuff that isn't nearly as complex or subversive as he says it is. That's just me, though. On a positive note, their blog is pretty great.

Whole lot of kids came out to the
Collegian's commentary meeting this past Tuesday. I'm excited for this year, we seem to have attracted a ton of enthusiastic and talented people. I still hate Quark though.

Good, good, great
resource for Mozilla extensions.I'm really liking the built-in Gmail extension for the browser. Very convenient. I'm one of those people who checks their e-mail about 800 times a day so it's good for me. In the time it took you to read that sentence, I probably checked my e-mail three times (both accounts too).

Open directory of my friend Gerard's
puppy pictures. Listen, I know that some might consider liking puppy pictures bizarre and/or emasculating, but eff it, I love puppy pictures. I'm sure you do too. Don't fight it. Just let it happen.

disturbingly exhaustive history of Hi-C Ecto Cooler, its legacy and the sugary, from-concentrate imprint it left on all of our childhoods. Stuff is so good.

I just realized I use adverbs way too much.

I'm doing a City Paper piece about this lady. Good god. Wish me hot Wiccan nature sex luck. My only exposure to Pagan-esque beliefs was when my old roommate started developing an interest in Wiccan teachings and set up an altar in her room. Needless to say, this brought back some bad memories from my childhood. Wand was beautiful though.


The Humanity Critic said...

good post. Just passing through, cool blog by the way.

emynd said...

That dude Nathan Rabin is pretty much an idiot. He's not a bad writer, and he's actually pretty good when it comes to movies, but his hip-hop stuff is really biased against anything that's not "positive rap." He's one of these people that likes to fantasize that hip-hop came directly out of the tradition of black poets like The Last Poets or Gil Scott Heron. It's annoying that he's so willing to put the music's message before the music itself.


Drew said...


Thanks. For not being spam.


I agree. Just because something is "positive" doesn't mean it's good. B of E kept attempting to get didactic and preach about all sorts of shit, but that didn't change the fact that they are shitty rappers.