Saturday, September 03, 2005

In case you're taking a break from Katrina coverage...

...and you want to read something that will most likely make you stupider, you've come to the right shithole blog. (in regards to this excellent picture- due credit).

I realize that I'm quite slow on the blogs-that-have-been-around-for-awhile uptake, but I'm a new fan of Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage. Says some really funny and true shit ("Papoose is Big L but without the sense of humor") and, of course, good music. Don't really get why he likes Maino though. Guy is annoying and appears in Source/XXL fashion features. Sucks.

The one weekend I could come home and get my new car is the one weekend that the best shit is happening in the city of Philadelphia. Dammit! I'm missing so much good stuff (ample partiage) which I'm really disappointed about, but honestly I just need to devote time to learning how to drive stick. I'm sure I can pick it up fairly quickly, but I would be lying if shit didn't seem daunting. What's weird is that although every single stick driver I know has been giving me all sorts of pointers on how to rock the clutch, but only one person has really made any sense. I'm gotten some truly bizarre and difficult to understand advice from some people. Hopefully I don't kill myself. In related Lazor-kids-suck-at-driving news, my sister ran into the garage the other day.

I forget how I came across this, but there was a post entitled
"[Are] bloggers relevant?" to which someone replied "As long as you can articulate any useful observation on the area of interest there is relevance. It may not be relevant to some-- only the ones who want to learn more." Ehh, at first I kinda agreed with this, and then I realized what I was acually saying. The term "blog" is tossed around more than Tara Reid these days; I remember during Live8 they had "live bloggers" reporting on the event like that was supposed to be alluring to me. Fuck that. I don't think I'm in any way relevant to anything. Now, the big-ass blogs that address serious topics like politics and porn? Nominally relevant, perhaps. Many other blogs? Not particularly. I mean, I guess music blogs are relevant to someone like me because I love music, but I wouldn't necessarily call reading them "relevant" as much as I would call it "entertaining" or "fun." This is in no way a criticism of blog content; it's moreso just me expressing my frustration with the fact that people are trying to make blogs much more important than they actually are some CNN buzzword shit. I think that shit's just for fun.

So the first issue of the Collegian officially debuted on Thursday (supposed to come out Wednesday, but there was a problem with the printing or something). I think it turned out pretty damn good. Every section looked on-point. I know this sounds like I'm preaching to the choir or something, but I don't think a lot of people/students at my school realize how much freakin' work that shit is. Getting and editing articles is one thing, and that undoubtedly takes some time, but the actual laying out of the pages is the worst. I'm not much of a spacial thinker so sometimes I get really mad at the shit and grab the monitor and shake it like a colicking baby, as if that's going to help. Makes me feel better though. Anywho, if this first issue is any indication of this year's level of quality, I'm very honored to be a part of it.

I'm not going to lie-
PBR is kinda delicious.

How long before I overplay the new Kanye record in my car, get sick of it, take it out of the changer and throw it loose into my trunk so it gets really scratched up an unuseable? I'm going to take the high road and say two weeks, when it's probably more like two or three hours days. People always complain about the radio overplaying songs; I pretty much just have to worry about me overplaying songs to myself. I'll get really fixated on a certain track or album, listen to it until my ears bleed, then get really disgusted with shit and toss it like I mentioned. This is precisely why I can't listen to Men At Work anymore.

I've been backed up with Okayplayer reviews lately but the street dates aren't until the end of September at least (review usually debuts on or around the release's street date). Right now I'm working on the DangerDoom album. I listened to it end to end while driving back to Maryland earlier; I liked it, but listening extensively to those two guys together at once made me realize that both of them are somewhat limited. Don't get me wrong- big fan of Doom. Think he's one of the nutsiest, original-est guys out there lately. Danger's solid on the production game too (the simultaneously loved-and-maligned Grey Album, which I hearted, and his work with Gorillaz, Liks, etc.). Despite my general admiration of these two, I just found myself getting antsy about three quarters of the way through the record (Bol hates it, but he hates everything).

I love Doom's bizarre drunken pop culture reference-laden rhymes, but dude seriously uses the same exact carbon-copy flow for every song (like Immortal Technique but less irritating). He's switched it up a few times in the past (I think the best example of this is on the Prefuse-produced "Blacklist" with Aesop), but for the most part sticks to the safe route. This isn't patently good or bad, it's just a bit boring on the ears after awhile. At the same time, he's an individual exception to my personal belief that an MC has to ride the beat as much as possible for a song to work. As for DM, he's established himself as an intricate, multi-layered, use-every-sound-you-can type of producer (a lesser version of the current Kanye, or something). Often times the shit sounds great, but when you juxtapose Doom's super-monotonous flow over the hyperactive drums and horn samples (the horns he uses for several songs sound too similar to each other, too), it just gets messy. I mean, I like quite a few songs on DangerDoom, but sometimes they just get mushed together and I find listening to it difficult. The fucking stupid Aqua Teen Hunger Force soundclips don't help either. I hate that shit, but that's for another post.

Look at Mike Myers' and Chris Tucker's faces while Kanye is talking his super-nervous Kanye talk (especially at the end!!). That is so classic. God I love Kanye. What's up with Chris Tucker anyway? I know that he stopped making flicks and started doing all that working with AIDS victims in Africa. Does he just do charity stuff now, or is he planning on coming out with something new? Come on, Smokey! Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions.

Man, why do people still use IE? I'm so accustomed to Firefox nowadays that I have to download it onto any computer I use that doesn't have it. It's not on my computer back in Maryland. Holler at "Open In New Tab." I saw some statistic somewhere that Firefox was creeping up and usage is around 50/50 lately. Who knows if it was accurate, but I wouldn't doubt it. Plus, don't you want this wonderful blog to be displayed correctly (as it totally is with FF)? Hm, you don't care? Figures.

Get at me if you're in Maryland, will you? You will? Good.

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