Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I have sleep issues

Maxell Smart has left us for that big Cone of Silence
in the sky. Grew up on reruns of this show, man.
Rest in peace.

Right now, it's nearly four in the morning and I'm still waiting around the Collegian office for my final edits. I would've been out of here earlier, but one of my articles fell through so much of my editing time was devoted to writing up a piece on the fly. Shit sucks.

That was last night. Still sucked though.

Pumpkinhead review up on Okayplayer. Album was mediocre.

Apparently 53% of journalists use blogs as sources. One quote I found interesting:

“As blogs continue to gain in popularity, quality and influence, it is becoming imperative that journalists and journalism students continue to integrate blogs, especially blogs that cover technology, into their reporting practices,” said Steven S. Ross, associate professor at Columbia University and a partner in the study. “A number of credible and influential Weblogs – such as Scobleizer, Gizmodo, and Boing Boing – provide an invaluable trove of research, story ideas, and other information that current and future journalists would be remiss not to leverage in their reporting.”

I think it's a bit of an overstatement that say that blog reference in journalism is "becoming imperative." While the motivations they state are valid (gauging public opinion, story ideas, etc.), I think people are jumping on the Blog Generation's dick a little too hard. It's true that the advent of the "blogosphere" or whatever you want to call it has revolutionized what people read online and influenced how people think about relevant topics, but I feel like the massive hype these shits receive is a bit exaggerated. Just a blog, dude. I realize that my blog is completely inconsequential to the world, but still. Also, if anyone is a journalist and is working on a story about frivolous, unimportant information that no one reads, feel free to use Trapper Juan as a "source."

Lord Jesse of Jenkintown sent me this
nutsy shit. I'm an especially big fan of the elephant, although the site got me wondering whether or not these people have jobs or familial responsiblities. I'm guessing no, since painting hands to look like animals probably takes a lot of effort and probably leaves very little time for social interaction or doing it.

Two of my roommates recently started blogs- Drew with
Plastic Coffee Cups and Lou with New Word Order. Names can get confusing after awhile. This probably means that we're now a "blogging household," which is probably the worst shit I've ever fathomed. Anyways, I know Drew isn't reading this because he has some gripe about never reading anyone else's work, even though I somehow find the time to read his confusing ramblings on public transportation seating arrangements. Since that' s the case, I'd like to mention that Drew's mother is a whore. Lou's a bit more supportive of the complete waste of bandwidth that is my blog, so thanks man. No word yet if my other roommate Taylor is starting a blog, but if he does, I'm fairly certain the Eastern Seaboard will implode and we will all be forced to resort back to conventional human communication like flirting chatting.

I had a good name idea for Lou's blog (
Wade Blogs) but shit was already taken. Shit hasn't even been updated in over a year either. So frustrating!

Last night, I tried in vain to convince my editors that using the phrase "his pimp hand is strong" as the caption for this picture of
Dennis Prager is not offensive, as the term "pimp" has been introduced into mainstream vernacular and no longer carries a hos down, Don Magic Juan connotation. For example, last year Nelly started a scholarship fund entitled P.I.M.P., a witty motherfucking acronym for Positive Motivated Intellectual Person. Needless to say, they shot my shit down like Wedge Antilles' X-Wing. I replaced it with the less derisive but less dope "this dude's game is on point." I'm thinking of calling Prager up and asking him which caption he would've preferred. Probably that pimp hand, black.

My buddy Matt recently landed an internship at the Philly DA's office. Congratulations man. The weird shit is, when his background check came back, it turned up an arrest charge for a 35-year-old black man on his record. Anyone that knows Matt knows that not only is he 20, he's also definitely
not black.

Got an e-mail from a focus group website that I signed up for awhile back asking me to participate in a 90-minute phone interview about online travel websites. I didn't apply because I've never used said sites; furthermore, the compensation was a $50 gift card to, which is a little wack. I need cold cash, bitches! Need food!

Oliver Wang posts on the interview controversy concerning him and Byron Crawford.

I've seen the random Vin Diesel fact generator, which is alright, but the
Chuck Norris version takes cakes. The best one I've come across so far (mostly because it involves MacGyver):

After reading the Letters to the Editor in his local newspaper, Chuck Norris became enraged that Richard Dean Anderson was considered sexier by women 65 and older. To increase his sex appeal to older women, Chuck Norris tried to build a Missle Defense System out of a tube of chapstick, six rubber bands, a spork from KFC and a copy of Sports by Huey Lewis and the News. This soon became the prototype for the Total Body Gym Workout Machine.

I'm considering doing an article for next week about the bizarre world of Facebook and all the weird problems it leads to for college students (problems, of course, that are they are responsible for 100% of the time). How does anyone think that broadcasting their desire to eff a professor or their love of "festive greens" on such a huge social network is a good idea? Faculty and staff are all over that shit. Discretion's a good thing.

My cousin Connie made this social justice documentary. I just downloaded it but haven't watched it yet. If it's good, I'l talk to her about linking it up. If it sucks, I'll probably link it with a title that reads "this social justice documentary blows dick." No, I wouldn't do that to the ol' flesh-and-blood. Probably just "this social justice documentary blows."


Lou said...

I for one would love to have someone read my thing and go 'you know, he sounds credible, let's run with that.'

Ha ha, it'd never happen.

Yeah, TR is the last bastion of hope this house has.

emynd said...

Hey dyslexic boy:

"P.I.M.P., a witty motherfucking acronym for Positive Motivated Intellectual Person."



P.S. As a new fun exercise, I'm now posting my Word Verification phrases as well for your viewing pleasure. This installment? eshebhu.

That one's good. It sounds like a word.

Drew said...

Lou: I know.

E: Hm, good call. I'm obviously not a P.I.M.P. Or a P.M.I.P.

Trebuchet said...

Mine was "oopvedwy". Sounds like something that might slip out of your mouth if you tripped and nearly fell in public (which I'd know because I do often). By the way, please check out my website at www.i' I promise, you'll love it! :)

So you're having sidebar issues, as well? What gives?

emynd said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
emynd said...

"Discordant drums"? Dude, I don't think it's possible to have discordant drums.


PS. daqwer. Pronounced "dack"-"were". Sentence: "I'd pull out my dack and have sex with her if only I knew where my daqwer."

Drew said...

Drums gave me a headache because they sucked; they just sounded really shitty and Fisher Price keyboard-ish. Maybe it was the production as a whole that I should've addressed as "discordant." Either way, they/it sucked.

vjbjzuq. I got nothing.

I'm glad I'm doing this right now instead of my work work.

kbizzle said...

the elephant was my fav too. Mazal Tov on finding Riley! He knew he was missed. He came back b/c he felt bad for breaking your heart. Hunger also.

Drew said...

Ha ha!! I read it, and she is a whore!!! And I'm sorry you had to read that; however, you have to admit that that was a nice-looking sentence, one that I would like to put it to very much.

My word is lexwu. I'm listening to The White Album right now from your computer. So much networking from ten feet away!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to my blog. Now I sorta feel like an arse having one of those cheesy myspace ones. I'm thinking of starting a real one, but that would require a half-hearted commitment to posting more than once a week, which seems to be the norm. Grr.

Maybe post-GRE I'll do it. 3 weeks and counting ...


Drew said...

Good luck with that shit. I hear it's stupid hard.