Monday, September 12, 2005

I have no life

Friend of mine put me on to this University of MD opinion piece on Greek life. And here's a well-written rebuttal to the article, disregarding the writer's choice to accuse the original author of just being "jealous," which is a bit childish. Reminds me of when you used to see interviews with Hanson or N'Sync fans 12-year-old girls who swore up and down that anyone who didn't like their favorite boyband was merely green with kinda-gay envy. Anyway, I think the writer's opinion must be a bit cliched, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't agree with it. Despite all the responses from Greeks regarding their efforts in philanthropy, campus events and the like, the fact still remains that getting involved in a frat/sorority still reeks of questionable motives and psuedo-superiority. A number of Greeks I've personally interacted with match the stereotypes dissected in the article; however, just as many don't. As much as I love to hate on the shit, I can't deny that I know some great people involved with these organizations. I guess just hate the conceptual Greeks, archetypes with staying power mostly because they're often legitimized by people I meet at school.

Great example of what I should be doing with my time instead of school. Love ninjas.

The Internet is teeming with "owned" videos, but I'm thinking this is one of the craziest ones I've seen in awhile.

I just scrolled through all 54 pages of videos on that site instead of doing homework. Shit!

"Son of a gun" strikes me as a phrase that was probably really fucking dope when it first came out. Today, it's used mostly by your grandpa or your Sunday school teacher. If it didn't have its current social connotation, I think it would make a fucking sweet name for an action movie, specifically a Western Broncho Billy beat us to it (in 1919). Man, I thought I was insightful this whole time. Leave it to IMDB to take a big poo on your ego ridiculously stupid drunk thought.

In other wasting time news, Emil linked this game the other day. Thanks for dropping my productivity to -155%, man. Also, I'm terrible at this game. I think my high score is 17 seconds.

Are you in the market for poorly written, not-that-informative blurbs about area restaurants? You should read this column. It's not by me. Actually, it is by me. Sigh.

Mos Def's tribute song for New Orleans over the "Nolia Clap" beat. Like his flow on this a bit (dude wiles out at the end), but the whole "Katrina clap" chorus is kinda trite and annoying. Hm, is it wrong of me to be criticizing a song encouraging people to help the less fortunate? Nah, not really.

Interview with Murs about his latest movie effort. I got this DVD and the accompanying "soundtrack" from Okayplayer, but I haven't watched it yet. Murs isn't the best rapper I've ever heard, but I appreciate his humor. One time I went to see him down at the church and instead of opening his set with some "y'all feeling me? make some noise/put something in the air/fuckin' scream if you like so and so, and do this if you don't etc." shit, he was like "I hope you guys are enjoying this...because I'm definitely missing The OC right now," completely deadpan. I was like awww, Murs! I kinda like some of his back-and-forth shit with Slug too. What is with Slug recently, anyway? His haircut looks stupid.

So I finally saw the
40-Year-Old Virgin. Movie is great. Funny and crude as fuck, hilarious storyline and truly loveable protagonist and supporting characters. Paul Rudd kills it as usual. This won't ruin the movie, but the best part is definitely the musical interpretation of "The Age of Aquarius" at the end. Amazing. Go see it.

To my little sister and the one other person that reads this blog: lots of Collegian work this week. Hope to update the Trapper regularly, but who knows.

The only other thing that's new in my life is that I played chinese checkers for the first time in years last night. It was fucking great. I lost though. My life sucks.


emynd said...

I can't believe there's an "Age of Aquarius" rendition in "40 Year Old Virgin"! I was planning on seeing that shit at some point anyway, but now I absolutely have to see it. Galt MacDermot is the boy.


Anonymous said...

In order to equalize the writing world during your homework/leeg stint this week, I'll try my best to update my own blog this week. Not that anyone reads mine, either. Le sigh.