Monday, August 22, 2005

Say something colloquial

Even Tommy the cat insists that 9th Wonder
is the next big thing

Kenneth Masters review up on Okayplayer (not this Ken Masters, though). This record was pretty okay, but fell victim to typical indie/hip-hop release shortcomings, namely really crappy drums/general production on a lot of songs. The dude Lowbudget produced two tracks on it that I think are dope though (I think it's this dude anyway...despite not finding much jack shit on the Internet about his involvement with the record, how many other Lowbudgets can there be? It's gotta be him...I think). Shit's good.

(Unrelated, but look at this picture. Good god. Those are some ridiculously liberal interpretations of Ken and Ryu.)

Anyone fond of criticizing the Catholic church for being completely out of touch with relevant times just got some A+ material. Seriously, what is going on there? It reminds of those painful attempts by adults to connect with kids by using words like "phat" and shit. I remember when I was in middle school, some guy came to talk at an assembly about STD's and shit, and instead of just explaining what they were and what they did to you, he insisted on conveying all his points by using phrases like "on the down low" and "do it put your back into it" that were corny and dated even when I was like 14. Why do people think this is the only way to talk to children about adult issues? I think they expect it to put kids at ease or something ("Man, that guy was so COOL! He even knew what hooking up was!") when in reality they just end up sounding pitiful and painfully out of touch. I think just being honest and up front with kids about this kinda stuff works best. Also, be on the lookout for colored rubber bracelets because any girl who wears them is obviously a complete tramp.

What's the difference between a sheath and a scabbard? Is there a difference?

I was reading the trivia section for Sin City the other day and it noted that a scene included something called "The Wilhelm Scream." I read up on it and it's kinda crazy how many movies it's been in. I still have to go back to the DVD to actually hear it though, but I have an idea of what it sounds like (probably like this). The Wilhelm Scream is apparently some hardcore band too.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the current Israel/Palestine situation from Chris Schwartz over at Thinking East. This dude went to my school and now works down at City Paper and knows more about the Middle East than probably anyone I've ever met. Some interesting shit over there.

Fellows over at Razorblade Runner came with some incredible music these past few days. Check the Kanye/Paul Wall (yes!), Freeway (best I heard from Free in awhile), Damien Marley/BIG remix and Aesop Rock bonus track. Site's good good. Shrimp also good.

We all went over to TLA the other day in hopes that we could find this flick. Unfortunately, they didn't have it (but, thanks to some bizarrely friendly customer carrying around a skateboard, received a correctly spelled film of the same name). According to one of the user reviews, "hip-hop horror has become a genre." The only shit I can think of off the top of my head is Tales From The Hood and Leprechaun In The Hood. Can you even believe that Leprechaun in the Hood is a movie? Jesus. We did rent Enduring Love though on the strength of the million times I've seen the damn trailer on other DVDs. Flick was pretty good; bastard guy from Road to Perdition is going out with bald pre-cog jawn from Minority Report and gets scary-stalked by skinny comic relief guy from Notting Hill. Also he's friends with Shaun's stepdad from Shaun of the Dead. Sorry Philip. Yeah, this movie was pretty good. The ending was effing insane though, kinda wished it was more realistic.

Neverending "Choose Your Own Adventure" website where you can actually write in your own options. Really funny. I keep picking options involving ninjas but end up getting my ass kicked by 12 pirates. Dammit.

Depressing story.
"We came back in the second half. We only took 23 goals and we even made one at the end. They let us score, that was nice," the teenager said. Sigh.

Blood of Abraham review up tomorrow, I think.


kibby said...

"Father Meyer said the poster, on which he is featured as the "Matrix"-style priest, had its origins in a skit that he saw during his first year at the North American College, the U.S. seminary in Rome. The skit, put on by a group of older seminarians, was based on the film. In it, a group of priests fought Satan in a series of mock martial-arts confrontations."
..... I really would have loved to see this skit, i can't even begin to imagine how awesome it might be.
Also, I can't believe that TLA didn't have that movie. I always assumed that they had this vault in the back that contained every movie ever made. In fact, I tell people that about TLA all the time. I guess I should stop doing that... and drew, i CAN believe that Leprechaun in the Hood is a real movie because it fucking rules. That is what you should have rented instead.

emynd said...

Those Ken and Ryu outfits are impressive. I find it hard to believe that that Kenneth Masters is anything but garbage. One time at a Kenneth Masters "house party"/performance at some loft in the Northern Liberties, me and my buddy Bo proceeded to very loudly inform the entire place that we weren't enjoying Kenneth Masters's set. He was repeatedly asking the crowd "Y'all feeling me? y'all want more?" and Bo and I were repeatedly saying "NOOOOOOO! STOOOOOOOOOOOP!"

Oh, alcohol, how I love thee.

I think alcohol is the hardest word to spell. It always looks wrong... like men wearing polka-dots.


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Anonymous said...

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Drew said...


Yeah, I also find myself telling that to people who haven't been to TLA before just to make it sound cooler. I'm so mad they didn't have Zombiez.


Yeah, Ken Masters wasn't really the greatest shit I ever heard, but I kinda liked a few of the songs on there. Were the Lowbudget ones the same Lowbudget from Hollertronix, or is it a different person? I assumed so but I couldn't clarify anywhere. That is hilarious about your drunken heckling too.

All the others:

I don't need health products, "ad sense," horoscope readings or Rocketdog brand shoes. Stop posting weird press release excerpts and pretending like they're real comments. Eff off, dammit. I know you're not actual people, but eff off anyway you turkeys.