Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Run to the hills

Rented House of Flying Daggers even though I saw it in theaters already. It's ridiculously melodramatic, and I don't care. I love this freaking movie. One of my current faves. The effects and storyline are original, imaginative and breathtaking. Zhang Ziyi shit, Ziyi Zhang makes some really annoying faces in most of her movies, and it's no different here. Even though the movie seems to mostly concentrate on how she's a "delicate flower" or some shit, it's not all about her. The political intrigue/clash between gov't and rebels storyline is much more interesting. Action scenes are spine-crushingly crazy as well. Not gonna lie: overall, this flick is depressing and sad as hell but I can deal in exchange for some of the nutso fights. Zhang Yimou does good.

What is with yesterday's comment section getting blown up by weird spam blog message shit? I got links to health products, some sort of advertising blog, horoscope readings and Rocketdog brand shoes. I'm relatively healthy despite my sometimes poor diet. Ad dude robot couldn't even link his shit blog correctly. I'm a Pisces, meaning I have a strong connection with water but sometimes I avoid confrontations. And finally, as far as I know, Rocketdog shoes are for ladies. As you can see, got no need for your ish. Stop it, turkeys!

Few days back Fluxblog put up a link to the Fiery Furnaces' cover of "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)," off a Rubber Soul anniversary cover album coming sometime in October. The album itself sounds promising but this cover was freaking terrible. I don't know much about these Furnace characters, but they took way too many liberties and turned what I consider one of the Beatles' most beautiful songs into a acid trip mindfuck SNL skit. Bastards.

I spent nearly an hour downloading and installing RealPlayer onto my computer just so I could play Ben Harper's reggae-tinged cover of "Michelle" for Michelle. I'm not a fan of Ben's music (it's a bit too somber and "Burn One Down" should just leave) but Laura Dern's husband can definitely cover the shit out of a Beatles tune. His soulful "Strawberry Fields Forever" from I Am Sam soundtrack is a welcome take on the original, unlike Furnace Fuckfaces. Anyway, I''m glad she liked it, because it took me forever to get this stupid program off my computer. All sorts of pop-ups and everything coming from everywhere and stupid format/layout too. I'll stick to mostly iTunes/sometimes Windows Media.

Hey, those in need of a digital/graphic design dude- rap at my guy Mike Finnegan. Guy is talented.

Radiohead's started a blog to chronicle the making of their new record. Thom Yorke's bizarre ramblings are everything I ever expected them to be and more:

rethinking ' suit dont fit'
like a fast bad dream

morrissey stayed in the room im in

ooooo he was here for three months were here for six days

going out on bikes up hill with no gears

talking a lot about The Beat

Thom, you're bent. If there was a movie about Radiohead, I think the New Guy could definitely play you.

So Joe Pelone (who apparently loves Maryland- good taste in states) traded his cousin some Jawbreaker CD for my copy of
Late Registration. Bless you, Joe. I'll be writing this up for the first issue of The Collegian which comes out next Wednesday. The only song I've heard so far is the Kanye and Paul Wall "Drive Slow" shit which you can cop here. Prof. West and People Champ do well with things ("I'm leaning on the switch sitting crooked in my slab, but I could still catch boppers if I drove a cab"...bet you can't guess which one said that), but other dude isn't really anything to get excited about. The beat is crazy- nodding jazz shit with some muted percussion sections and a prominent clarinet rip (think it's a clarinet, anyway). If this song is any indication of the album, I'll like it. Reviews are mixed ("this sounds like something gay dudes listen to while they give each other whirly birds") from what I've read ("sure, he’s probably not a dude you’d really want to hang out with, but this record is pretty fucking flawless as far as I’m concerned").

If you happen to live in or around Vermont (and don't we all?), visit my uncle. He makes all-organic dairy products that are infinitely delicious and more than likely good for you. I wish I could get them down here.

It's really a great feeling when you finally find what you're looking for on the Internet. If I could only decide what style to get. Batman, perhaps.

A quick list of words/phrases that should be never be spoken by anyone under penalty of losing a sense (except touch, which I don't think you can lose) via a disgruntled samurai:
  • "Killer app." NERD ALERT. Just say "good video game."
  • Any comedy bit/show/anything that suggests it's funny to insist that stereotypical black people say "fool" or "foo" all the time. Shit's not even remotely funny and quite out of touch. Shut up.
  • "Ain't no thing but a chicken wing." I didn't even know people said this shit outside of House Party movies. Still, unacceptable.
That's all.

Michelle confided in me the other day that when she was younger she totally owned the Lord Tariq/Peter Gunz "Deja Vu" single. She even knew what the B-side was called. God bless this girl.


kibby said...

Seriously Drew, that Ben Harper cover of "Strawberry Fields" is the worst fucking thing I've ever heard. I hate that song so much that i can't even explain to you why because just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. Eew....

Drew said...

Haha, I forgot how much you hated it. That's fine, I'll just take Robot and Mohawk hostage for unrelated reasons.

Drew said...

Dig me out! Write me back, fucker!

emynd said...

People from the westcoast still say "Foo'."


Drew said...

Maybe it's not so much the word "foo" as it is shit like this. That's not funny at all.

Anonymous said...

hey. I still own the lord tariq & petter gunz.(the single anyway) that beat is the hot ish

Drew said...

Haha. I agree