Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Navy blue hoodies and khakis

I'm very observant. No, not really. I just noticed that Firefox totally displays this blog correctly, whereas IE effs it up what with all the disappearing sidebar links and such. I feel that Firefox is a much better browser anyway (do it!); I really don't know what I did before the "open in new tab" feature. Plus, my college newspaper's online messageboard apparently got destroyed by Russian hackers recently, but the virus only affected IE users. Gyeah!

My buddy Gerard has been in San Diego for a week, and he's staying for another. He says it's 72 degrees with no humidity. He also says that he is a block from the beach. Right now, I'm typing this on a desk so riddled with empty coffee cups, random scraps of paper with indecipherable writing and not-yet-reviewed CDs that even my cat doesn't want to sit near it. What a bastard (Gerard).

In a bizarre turn of events,
some music site has my name on it. I guess peoples over there happened across my Concretes review from awhile back and decided to write their own review. I'm really not trying to be an jerk here, but I feel like they kinda ripped off many things I said.

Me: Layyourbattleaxedown is more or less a collection of B-sides released to capitalize on their stateside popularity.

Them: Layyourbattleaxedown is pretty much just a collection of B-Sides to capitalize on [sic] they’re previous self titled release (also on the Astralwerks label).

Unfortunately, the only discernable benefit of listening for an extended period of time is getting the opportunity to measure your heart rate at rest.

Them: You can tell someone is alive by monitoring their heart beat...this album is dead.

Me: Once in awhile, they exhibit signs of life: “Shuffle,” the album’s closer, finds the crazy Swedes trying their damnedest to convince you that they’re more than just good background music.

Them: Seems Fine Shuffle, the last track on the album, is the only song that even scratches the surface of (what I like to call) “music with soul”. [that's the stupidest shit I've ever read] AND Layyourbattleaxedown doesn’t even have grounds to stand as good background music.

Me: I think the problem is that there are just far too many people in the band. In addition to Vicki, there’s Maria, Martin, Ulrik, Lisa, Per, Daniel and Ludvig.

Them: This is a pretty big fuckin’ line up. In addition to Vicki, there’s Maria, Martin, Ulrik, Lisa, Per, Daniel and Ludvig.

The fuck, man? I mean, I don't really care, I just think it's kinda weird.

I know it's almost too obvious to say that I think Family Guy is funny, but this is pure genius.

Little Brother album must be really good or something, because EIC of The Source quit over a rating dispute. It says that the guy had only been EIC since June. Is this album really this good? Also, is 9th Wonder (who looks like my cat Riley if Riley was a human producer) really that great? I understand that EIC dude is trying to make it into an integrity, not-going-back-on-one's-word issue, but it seems a bit extreme. He apparently quit because he had already told Little Brother they were going to receive a 4.5 mic rating but the higher-ups refused to let it happen. What are you doing telling people they're going to get a certain rating before the final product goes to print? That's a dumb move. Maybe dude just didn't want to be in the position in the first place and saw this as a good way out of it. Maybe I'll apply.

Sean Price "Boom Bye Yeah" video is pretty dope. Always liked this guy. The sound quality on it is really bad though; it sounds all lo-fi for some reason, nothing like the actual album track.

Saw this Stuff On My Cat site via Emil. Shit is funny. Cats simply don't care when they're sleeping and you can put pretty much whatever you want on them with hilarious results (except water).

Ever wondered how much soda it would take to kill you? I weigh approximately 155 pounds, and my normal soda is usually a Diet Coke (235.08 cans)
or a Diet Pepsi (293.85 cans). Does this discrepancy mean that Diet Pepsi is better for me? I must say, though, that I was seriously disturbed that it would only take 192.34 Mountain Dews to take me out. Check the explanations of energy drink ingredients too. I didn't know about any of that stuff.

Back in April, an LA Times article said that the Toronto Sex Crimes Unit claimed that "of the more than 100 offenders the unit has arrested over the last four years, all but one has been a hard-core Trekkie." Although many people have questioned these alleged "facts," I find this article's correlation between pedophilia and Star Trek to be interesting, even if it's a Simpsons-and-philosophy type stretch. Good ol' pop psychoanalysis. Funny excerpt from that blog post:

Despite this apparent promiscuity, Kirk's sexuality is anything but clear. His relationships are certainly never based on his own wants or desires. If he seduces a woman, it's usually in order to escape danger on behalf of his crew, or else he's overtaken by some alien power that makes him behave like a sex fiend. (e.g., a woman's tears contain a love potion that causes Kirk to become amorous).

There's a pervasive message that women are toxic. In an episode called Cat's Paw, there is an evil sorceress who separates the crew from each other and from the starship. The perpetually indignant Dr. McCoy cautions Kirk, "Don't let her touch your wand Jim, or you'll lose all your power! On the very rare occasions where Kirk seems to find love, his partners quickly die off. After one of his loves has croaked, Kirk admonishes Spock "Love, you're better off without it."

I haven't really listened to all that many Anticon people lately, but Why? is catching my attention. The Elephant Eyelash full-length is pretty damn good and contains way less white college intellectual dude posturing than I expected. Review up on OK sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

You don't care?! This is the internet -- even if you really didn't care, it is your duty to make a fuss and embarrass this biter.

Drew said...

You know, you're right. Thank you anonymous comment leaver.

Anonymous said...

yeah this is total stealing ... and it's more insulting that they quote you at the end ... as if they didn't go paragraph for paragraph and re-write what you said like it was an open-access press release ... and they just give you two words, at that. like you had nothing else meaningful to say.