Monday, August 08, 2005

Drew died of dysentery

I killed nearly 1300 pounds of live game this weekend,

but was only able to bring a measly 30 back to my
Honda Civic

A little like the Italian flag, if the white portion of
the tricolor was splattered with goretastic GORE

I went to a GORE party at Kibby's on Saturday. Kids such as the dead Patrick above were gored out of their gourds. I kinda wish I had gored out, but I didn't really have any gore-tastic resources. I had a gleefully gorefied time. GORE! Hunting bison also involves gore, you know. Luckily no one in my party died of yellow fever or was bitten fatally by a snake.

Go to this site and look at my dude Ryan Beck's work. Stuff is quite ridiculously good. Visiting this site is much safer than caulking your wagon to ford a river and much cheaper than paying for an effin' shifty Indian ferry.

If anyone has a link/knows where to cop the Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy tracks, I'd appreciate it. I have one that I got off some blog and shit is crazy. I'd really like to hear more. I'm willing to trade three oxen and two wagon tongues.

Big money, no whammy no whammy no savages

So today I'm officially sending in my application for the arts & entertainment internship over at the City Paper. Who knows if I'll get it, but here's hoping. In the meantime, I might peruse the EIC's funny blog. I included some pretty solid clips, I believe; the old standby Zhang Yimou and Death of a Dynasty jawns, a Collegian play review and that Prefuse review I did a little while ago for the OK Corral. Hopefully I'll hear from them before I reach the Platte River trading post.

This guy's photography is a little insane, especially the bullet pictures. I have no such artistic ability, seeing that I am a banker from Boston and most of my friends are either carpenters from Ohio or farmers from Illinois.

(from left) Me, oxen Artesian and Prothero,
son Daedalus, wife Constance of Cleaves,

I've been cooking more lately, which is always good. Yesterday I made fried tilapia, curried chicken, mixed vegetables and some rice. Food you make yourself is always so much better than anything you get when you're out. Hopefully my lackluster financial situation won't necessitate Michelle and I going on "bare bones" rations.

Listen, I'm really sorry about all this. I was just feeling a bit nostalgic for the Apple II this morning.

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