Friday, August 05, 2005

Don't stop get it get it

This picture of Graham and I at the bar reminds me of one of those mud imprint pictures that you have to stare at for awhile before realizing it's a picture of Christ's face. Not that Graham or I are Christ.

I found
this site awhile back. Check the thing about Napoleon and the bar exam; apparently whoever wrote the exam had a well-intentioned sense of humor despite being a bit slow on the uptake. I also really enjoyed "The Passing of an NBA Legend." Hilarious, especially the graphic at the bottom.

I finally listened to the Gorillaz album in its entirety yesterday. It's really good.

Type "(your name) is" (with the quotes) into a Google search then pick out your favorite 5 responses.

1. Drew is very much afraid it's doing it to Lindsay Lohan.
2. Drew is 3 today!
3. Drew is approximately one hour from the Jersey shore. (so true! weird)
4. Drew is wearing a Christian Lacroix Haute Couture barely blushed crepeline, organza, and tulle dress embroidered with a crystal branch and knotted in blackberry velvet.
5. Drew is back in the crease!

I'm consistenly amazed by the prowess of white girls rapping along to songs at the bar. Last night, I was just sitting with my friends minding my own business, when "I Just Wanna Love U" came on. High-pitched squeals emanated off the ceiling and the $2.50 Molson Canadian banner. Girls formed these strange tribal circles or half-circles, their Miller Lites and flourescent-colored mixed drinks raised up in the air as they danced awkwardly and spit every fucking word verbatim. I don't really know how I feel about said girls screaming shit like "I'm a pimp by blood, not relation" while some vaguely ethnic dude is attempting to grind on them from behind. Shit's really weird. Funny though. They did the same thing with "Juicy" too. It's really weird to see two blondes whose names are both probably Halsey saying shit like "I was too used to packin' gats and stuff." The best part about it was right before the chorus when Biggie goes "And if you don't know, now you know, nigga," the Halseys were aware of the presence of black people in the bar so they did one of those things where they start to mouth the N, then realize their faux pas and try to play it off by putting their hands up in the air or something. That always solves everything, doesn't it?

Has anyone heard of dude named Infinito 2017? Apparently cat is from Chicago that's down with the Molemen or whatever. Anyway, I got his CD from Okayplayer the other day and it's so so bad. When I first looked at it, I noticed the CD was a burned disc and the cover/liner notes were photocopied. I can respect that especially if the guy is just trying to come up and really doesn't have any resources yet or anything. Once I started listening to it, I realized why he doesn't. This shit was just really bad, no bones. The beats were almost unlistenable and the guy just mutters incoherent shit over them. Dammit Infinito 2017.

God bless eBay for stuff like this. Really though, what is a personalized diss track against your bully going to accomplish, other than you just getting you ass kicked again?

The Native American sports nickname issue is quite early 90's. What exactly motivated this then? The NCAA just makes these decisions based on nothing; it even says in the article that the Seminoles in Florida support Florida State keeping the name. How can you really deem something offensive when the group that is supposedly being offended simply isn't? The term "Seminoles" isn't even patently offensive to begin with; it's just the name of a tribe, and can't really be compared to the controversy over names like Redskins or Indians. I hope they target the Illini next for being offensive towards people in Illinois. NCAA is dumb.

You know, Quiz Show is a pretty damn good movie. John Turturro is amazing. Michelle rented it the other day, mostly because The Golden Child has yet to make its DVD debut. When will this happen? It needs to happen soon.

Are you Chrysler? Are your sales sluggish? Afraid that Iacocca won't be able to connect with today's "hip-hop generation"? Shit, just throw Snoop in there with OG Lee. "Iacocca is proving once again that the art of the deal never gets old -- even when he's sharing the stage with the lanky, diamond-studded, "gangsta"-rapping Snoop Dogg" (you can watch the ads there too). Um, Snoop really hasn't been all that "gangsta" for quite some time now. In fact, I think he's got more in common with Lee Iacocca than you think. They're both getting old and they're both marginally relevant. Did they really need to bug old head Iacocca out of retirement to do these commercials? This "employee discount" promotional thing has been a major cash cow for GM and now Chrysler is hopping on the bandwagon I guess.

For some people, having kids just isn't a very good idea.

Have you ever heard of this thing called "the culture of fear"? I haven't, but it seems fun.

In the last of the bizarre kindergarten renditions of myself, here's me wearing a belly shirt and cavorting with some blonde jawn.

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