Thursday, August 04, 2005

Came to break bread

I always hear about the Philly sports curse and how Philly teams are always just one step away from glory before choking. At least you guys get close. Dammit.

Is my computer the only one that displays the sidebar here correctly? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Last night I went to the Drake Tavern up in Jenkintown. It's one of those places I drive by on a very regular basis but have never visited, mostly due to the fact that during football season they have one of those inflatable Eagles players outside that freak me out. We were originally planning on going to the Whistle, but when we got there it was packed full of dudes (not just dudes, but dudes) jamming out to a Sublime cover band. I was out real quick. Speaking in terms of music, the Drake wasn't that much better; some girl was performing the worst rendition of "Hey Jude" I've ever heard when we walked in, and later we were treated to a lackluster "Pinball Wizard." Thanks, I guess. Regardless, I had a good time and drank my fair share of non-Jager beverages. That stuff is disgusting.

Adidas/Reebok merger is crazy.

This Aesop video for "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire & Knives" is murder. Shit kinda reminds me of the Modest Mouse "Float On" video if it was directed by Edward Gorey in a K-hole or something (if he happened to squander all his Gashlycrumb Tinies money on booze and prostitutes and had to turn to video-directing to subsist.)

Black man in a little coat. Man, Byron Crawford hates Kanye so hard. Speaking of that guy, the plight of the Sierra Leonians seems like the new Tibet lately. Article talks about BLING: A Planet Rock, a movie about the subject coming out this winter. I like how Kanye got "his initial information from Q-Tip." I bet they met at Jamba Juice or something. After complimenting each other on their alternative clothing choices, I bet Tip slipped Kanye a bulky manila folder of armless shorty pictures under the table, which Kanye promptly stored in his Burberry carry-all. Dude also says that “When the song first came out, people thought [I] was making a song glorifying diamonds,” he says, “which is so anti-Kanye West.” Jesus man, you really want me to hate you. I still like dude though.

Joe Pelone on the video for the "Diamonds" remix: "It's pretty sweet. This white guy gives his white girlfriend a diamond ring, courtesy of the suffering black folks over in Sierra Leone, and the ring starts oozing this weird liquid up her arm. I think its supposed to be blood, but its a black and white video. It kind of reminds me of this one scene from the first Wishmaster. I'm totally serious too. The party scene where the Wishmaster is all like, "Don't you wish people would remember this party forever?" and then this one chick's arm turns silvery in a crappy CGI way and then EXPLODES."

I was reading this article by the Asian hip-hop writer Jeff Chang about Jin and his importance as a hip-hop iconoclast (not sure how old it is). Chang is an amazing writer, but I feel like he's trumping Jin up just a little too much ("But as the first to break from the underground into the big leagues, Jin becomes the thing most of us were incapable of becoming or unwilling to become. Through marketing, sociology, and a vast audience's unfulfilled desire, he appears as the great yellow hope"). It's true that dude can rap, pretty damn good at that, but he fell victim to the can-freestyle can't-do-album trap that seems to negatively affect a lot of up-and-comers. The fact that he was more or less the first Asian MC to get a lot of mainstream attention is significant; however, I don't think people should act like the entire movement rests on this kid's shoulders alone. These expectations are just too steep for one dude (some might argue that Eminem paved the way for white MCs, but these people are fucking idiots and don't know anything).

The Asian factor was sweated to drum up publicity (people calling him the Asian Eminem, etc.), but for dude to be successful he needs to live outside of that (which he definitely has the talent to do). Jin's hype-motivated commercial failure shouldn't be heralded as a death blow (dim mak!) to the future of Asians in hip-hop, though; in fact, there are several guys that have been doing it for years, like Lyrics Born or Dan the Automator (not an MC, I know). Jin is trying to do some sort of underground comeback jawn after he announced his retirement. I guess we'll find out whether or not he's in it for real.

I got the new Blood of Abraham LP today. I had no idea, but OG dude has directed videos for TI, Nas, Young Gunz and others. I haven't listened to it just yet but I think it sounds interesting at least.

Papa woulda shot him if he
knew what he'd doneeeee

Dipset's sampled Journey, Jefferson Starship, Cyndi Lauper and the "Hill Street Blues" theme song. How long do you think it will be until they use Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves"? I feel like that's the next logical step. Every time I hear this song (okay, so I have it on a mix CD for some reason), I can't help but picture Juelz spitting shit like "She was born on the wagon of a travellin' show/I'm like Jim Thorpe in the fucking javelin throw/AY!" Please Jim Jones, make this about to happen.

I wish I could get in touch with Katherine Loch so I could tell her that she sucks at drawing arms.


emynd said...

The arms don't suck. The placement of the arms sucks. Big difference.

Drew said...

Very true.

Trebuchet said...

1. It's true. Placement is the thing.
2. Update coming. Soon?

kibby said...

While I agree with emil that the placement of the arms does in fact suck, I'm gonna have to say that the arms themselves definitely suck too. They look like cauliflower florets.

Katherine Loch said...

I've always sucked at drawing arms.