Monday, July 25, 2005

Gyeah x 3

"Shoutouts to everybody, except the snitches, rapists,
pedophiles and shit like that. Ha ha ha ha ha. One.

I think I posted this a little while back on the old blog, but Saigon's shit "Out In The Park" off the Clinton Sparks AM3 tape is unbelievable (you might be able to Rapidshare it here...if not, I'll try and throw it up on YSI or something). The song is only two minutes long but dude manages to kill it. Ostensibly, it's a "remember when"-type song, with shit like "Back when niggas were still eatin' that other meat/back when Kid 'n Play was kickin' each other feet." But, of all the MCs out there that are precariously poised to blow up, I feel like Saigon's stock is highest. He's done it right since he started getting mixtape daps and stuff. He's charismatic and he eschews corny hooks for straight used-to-be-in-jail shit (if I said "no homo," I would say it right now). Also, check how he rips on Cassidy in the interview linked above. Rest assured that there aren't going to be very many "Free Cassidy" t-shirts out and about...

"To be honest with you, Roeper, I thought
Lane's performance in 'Must Love
Dogs' lacked
any tangible emotional veracity.
I give it one thumb
in the middle."

Stop wondering whether or not to see "Hustle & Flow," dude: Boyz N Da Hood give it two thumbs up. If that's not a legitimate seal of quality, I don't know what is. Check Young Jeezy's critique (he's like a hood Peter Travers or something): “This is like [the Boyz n The Hood] of the South (which launched Singleton’s career), especially for the town [of Memphis]. I don’t know where [Terrance Howard] is from, but he represented for Memphis. That’s how they talk down there, ‘mayne.’”

Haha! That quote is so full of brackets it looks like the damn field of 64. The Snowman was on Wendy Williams the other day and he kept trying to push his album release date, but all Wendy wanted to know about was how he managed to keep his complexion so on-point (she said he had the "smoothest skin since Jadakiss.") Maybe P. Diddy gave him some complimentary Proactiv or something.
Speaking of Diddy, I'm reviewing this Pumpkinhead "Orange Moon Over Brooklyn" jawn for Okayplayer. I think it comes out in October (GET IT?). Anyway, dude has a diss track against the Cambodian-breastmilk loving mogul. He even drops a line about the cheesecake incident from "Making Da Band." Not only is that shit old, Diddy is like the easiest target out there. I don't know if ol' Head is expecting people to think this shit is hot, but it sounds corny and dated as fuck. Rest of the album isn't really that great either; Pumpkinhead's got some good lyrics now and then, but the production by some dude named "Marco Polo" is pure garbage.

Check this
video for Paul Wall "Sittin' Sideways" (don't tell "word of south," but i circumvented their ingenious bandwidth-stealing protection through a new technique called looking at the bottom of my browser and copying the URL). I hadn't seen it until today. Shit is funny though. People's Champ is in full form here, doing shit like driving down the street in an S shape and grabbing jawns with really bad blonde hair. I used to hate most Houston dudes but I've grown to appreciate them representing their region, what with all the chopped/screwed shit and cars and codeine; shit's entertaining and quite likeable. There are definite money words in Houston's vernacular, however, and these words tend to show up in Paul Wall's verses more than anyone else. "Candy paint," "wood grain" and "posted up like [a mailbox, a stop sign, Jermaine O'Neal, etc.]" are definitely frontrunners.

As promised (check the bottom of yesterday's), here is the first of many depictions of me as my kindergarten classmates envisioned (click to enlarge, if ye dare). Not only am I good at "leden the line" of gingerbread men here, I'm also apparently wearing a Parliament-style powdered wig. I like to pretend that I'm leading a citizen's revolt against the Stamp Act or something in this picture. Shoutout to Guy Fawkes.

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